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The profile of composite decking has risen over recent years simply because it offers many advantages for householders in the UK over other garden hard surface options.

While patios and crazy paving were all the rage back in the 1970s, these days, people are far more aware of how environmentally damaging laying concrete slabs can be. 

Plus, many people don’t have perfectly level gardens, so choosing composite decking is ideal because it needs less ground preparation than laying patio slabs. Composite decking is also a good choice if you have any steep drops and different levels that you can easily terrace with decking.

One of the biggest problems with laying patio slabs is tackling tree roots that may be in the way. With composite decking, it is easy to install, so it doesn’t disturb the roots of any trees, hedges or bushes you have growing in your garden.

Why is composite better than timber decking?

Depending on your budget, you can choose between softwood and hardwood decking. While these may be a slightly cheaper option for you initially than composite decking, you will need to spend more time, money and effort with its long term maintenance.

Timber decking will need regular staining or wood preservation treatments to keep it healthy and looking good. But with composite decking, you are looking at a good lifespan of around 25 years with very little maintenance needed.

Composite decking doesn’t need to be stained or varnished. And you will likely save money on damage repairs and replacement boards in the long run. Composite decking doesn’t warp, dry out, rot or splinter, and isn’t susceptible to woodworm, so it is safe for your young children to play on.

To get it looking as good as new, all you need to do is give your deck a brush down with some hot, soapy water. 

Environmentally friendly option

Homeowners these days are also far more environmentally aware than previous generations. Making the right choice of materials to use in the garden is just as crucial as choosing clothing to wear made from natural fibres, using natural wool wall insulation, and sustainability sourced furniture.

The good news is that composite decking is made using recycled materials. It is a solid and durable mixture of responsibly sourced wood and recycled plastic. This means that by having composite decking installed in your garden, you save a lot of non-biodegradable waste products from going to the landfill.

More colour and style options

When timber decking first became popular for use in the UK, it was pretty much made in all the same style and colour. But with composite decking, you can choose from a much more comprehensive range of colours and styles than you get with timber decking.

So if you want to create a more contemporary feel in your garden, you are not limited to a traditional rustic option. For example, you can choose our Victoria composite decking to deliver a smooth and sleek look for a modern and stylish garden.

Stands up to British weather

Living in a country with a mostly mild and wet climate, the UK weather can throw up a lot of challenges for the long term health of traditional timber decking. 

However, composite decking has a much lower moisture absorbency, which means it won’t rot like wooden decking and makes it almost impossible for algae and mould to get a grip.

This is why composite decking is also a better choice to fit around swimming pools, garden ponds and water features.
Why not take a look at our range of composite decking to learn more. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions you would like to ask about our range of decking and fixtures and fittings.

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