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Why Composite Decking is Ideal for a Garden Makeover


If your garden has become tired looking and is in need of a makeover, there are plenty of reasons why choosing composite decking is a great idea to spruce up your garden space.

Wooden decks have been a very popular addition to garden makeovers in the UK for decades. But there are many benefits composite decking offer over traditional wood decking.

For a start, composite decking is super-low maintenance compared to taking care of a traditional wooden deck. You can also choose from a range of colour-rich composite decks that still have the natural wood look that you want for your garden.

Why composite decking is a better choice 

Composite decking is made from a solid and stable mixture of responsibly sourced wood and recycled plastics. This makes composite decking more durable and hard-wearing than natural wood.

Because of its waterproof and insect resistant nature, composite decking isn’t susceptible to woodworm like traditional wooden decking. It also resists damp and wood rot, so it is ideal to use around water features and will outlast conventional wooden decking in moist garden areas.

The decking is very low-maintenance, so it only needs a quick wash down with some soapy water to clean it up and keep it looking good all year round. There is no need to sand, stain or varnish the decking, which makes it an ideal choice for older people looking for an easy to maintain garden flooring option.

Spend more time relaxing in the garden

Because you will need to spend much less time maintaining your decking, you can enjoy spending more quality time relaxing and entertaining in your garden. 

Because of its minimal maintenance needs, you can feel confident that your composite decking will look good and be ready to use when you want to grab the first few warmer days of spring. Don’t miss out on spending time enjoying your garden rather than worrying about power washing and staining your deck to bring back its colour.

You will be spending less time cleaning away mould, mildew and dirt because composite decking resists a lot more moisture, so it won’t encourage mould or mildew growth or build up.

A longer-lasting solution for your garden

One of the most significant issues faced by those with traditional wooden decking is that after a while of being exposed to the elements and the extremes of the British weather, wooden deck boards tend to fade, warp, crack and bend.

By choosing composite decking, you can avoid these common issues and won’t be faced with the prospect of replacing damaged boards or sections of decking that the weather has quickly deteriorated. 

Although most standard wooden decking is supposed to last a decade, you may find that it will need a lot more upkeep, repairs and replacement boards to keep it in good working condition.

By choosing composite decking, you will be investing in a more advanced material technology that gives you all the natural beauty of wood but with a much higher grade of protection, design and ease of care.

Enjoy the beauty of natural wood

One of the main reasons you may be hesitant to choose composite decking is the belief that it will look fake or unnatural once installed in your garden. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Our composite decking is made using natural wood combined with strong plastic to produce all the beauty of real wood but with none of the negative issues that come with it.

Our stylish range of composite decking looks like the real thing, and you can choose the colour, style and finish that would best complement your taste and style of garden. 

Our composite decking looks good and will give you many years of happiness; it also feels good underfoot. Unlike traditional wooden decking, there is no risk of getting splinters if you walk on it barefoot, and the grain pattern feels comfortable to walk on. 

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