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Why we RECOMMEND Composite Decking over TRADITIONAL timber


If it is time for a makeover of your garden, or your old wooden decking has finally given up the ghost, then you should take a look at modern composite decking as a way to spruce up your garden.

Composite decking is an ideal way to give your garden a much-needed uplift; plus, by choosing this type of robust, durable and attractive decking, you will also be helping to save the planet!

This type of decking is made from a solid mix of FSC© responsibly sourced wood and recycled plastic that has been designed to look like wood but comes in a wide range of different colours and shades that will perfectly complement any style of garden and personal tastes.

Composite Decking: Choose your style

Composite decking comes in a range of different colours, meaning that you don’t need to paint, varnish or wax your decking to get the colour you like. It also comes in a range of different finishes.

We offer a range of composite decking, including Victoria, Vintage and Heritage, so you can choose the colour and finish that complements your garden style or can become the focal point for your garden makeover.

Our decking range also comes with all the fixtures and fittings you need for a smooth and easy installation. If you are having trouble calculating the amount of composite decking and fittings you need, we have a handy online decking calculator you can use. Don’t forget that our friendly team are also here to help! 

Composite Decking: Longevity and durability

Composite decking is strong and durable, and ideal for a low-maintenance garden. If you have a busy life and don’t have the time to maintain a wooden decking, choosing composite decking is a smart move. 

All this type of decking needs is a brush down with some soapy water in the spring to wash away the winter dust and leaves, and it will look as good as new! There is no need to stain, wax or varnish the planks, and this decking doesn’t rot and decay away and become unsafe to walk on, like wooden decking. 

The technology behind this type of decking means it doesn’t absorb water like pure wood decking. This means you don’t need to sand, stain, varnish, wax or paint your deck to help it repel water. It will give you excellent service and can last you for many years longer than a wooden deck.

Don’t forget that composite decking is also pest-proof! Apart from wood rot, wooden decking can be susceptible to issues with woodworm. The last thing you want to see happen is your wooden decking ruined by woodworm. A far better solution is to go with composite decking as this is pest resistant and won’t fall prey to damage from woodworm infestation. 

Composite Decking: High aesthetics 

Composite decking is also an excellent choice if you want your decking to look good. The subtle colours we offer in our range sit nicely with brickwork, greenery and fences of all types. Our decking is a sophisticated choice of shades of grey and brown and is guaranteed to look good in your garden.

If you love holding garden parties or like to invite your family, friends and neighbours around for a summer barbecue, your garden will be dressed to impress when you choose composite decking.

So, if your garden is in need of a makeover, then this decking solution is a perfect choice because it is strong, durable, tough, low maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing.

Why not take a look at our range of top-quality, stylish Composite Decking to find out more about what we offer. 

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