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What Is Composite Decking?

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Composite decking is an upgrade of either timber or plastic decking. It is gradually being seen as the more appropriate outdoor alternative. It is a manufactured product that mixes bonding agents with plastic and wood filaments through a heating process.

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Throughout the heating process, the pieces are joined to build an unbelievably durable inner core made to outline typical wood. Its outer core is designed to have the look of authentic wood with different shades, and a mixture of grain patterns to produce coverage on three sides with a respirable coating at the base. The material is then formed into board shapes after which it is cooled.

The result is an authentic, aesthetically superior product that surpasses the plastic or wooden decking alternatives.

A lot of homes around the UK are now enjoying the benefits of having a stunning composite deck in their gardens. But exactly what is composite decking?

Let’s start in order. Composite Decking is a decking made of amalgamated Materials that include:

  • Timber
  • Plastic
  • Resins
  • Colourant
  • Additives

This is the basic formula for composite material. Sometimes you can find WPC or Wood Plastic Composite as well, but it is referred to as the same product.

It may be slightly different and it may change in the proportions and source of the material used. These changes will affect the durability, shape, colour and eco-environment friendly of the final product.

While Resins and Colours cannot be recycled, Timber and Plastic can be responsibly sourced. At Builddeck we care about the environment and for this reason, we use ONLY timber FCS 100% certified and recycled plastic and we make limited use of the resins and colours.

What does FSC certified timber mean?

FSC stands for “Forest Stewardship Council” and it is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forestry. When you see the FSC logo, you can be sure you are not harming any forest in the world. Forests are the lungs of the planet. They give life and hospitality to billions of animals and creatures and we want our children and every future generation to live and prosper.

Recycled plastic.

Why use plastic when there are tons of recycled plastic to use? We want to limit the impact on the environment and we buy used plastic to recycle and put in our composite formula. This is one of our contributions to the environment.

And for the same reason, we limit the use of resins and colourant agents. They are still fundamental for the good quality of our products and we want every customer to have the highest performance from their purchase. Using high-quality resins and colour agents, make it possible to use less of them whilst maintaining exceptional quality standard.

What are the properties of composite materials?

Since it contains organic material it can absorb water. However, it is resistant to rot, decay, corrosion, especially to marine borer attack. For this reason, the WPC decking is highly recommended in areas close to the sea. On top of this, the materials used give a superior slip-resistant rate, flame retardant properties and you can cut and shape it as natural wood. It’s only more resistant.

How can I clean my composite decking?

As with any product that is meant for outdoor use, wind, dust, leaves and debris will go on your composite decking. The good news is that these are the only things you have to take care about. Grab a jet washer, or a brush and hot soapy water to simply clean your decking. For water stains or any marks caused by birds, berries or leaves, use a soft cleaning detergent to wash off. For more information on composite decking maintenance, please see our composite maintenance page.

What maintenance have I to do?

We advertise our decking as low maintenance instead of no maintenance since you have to clean it as explained above. And this is all the maintenance you have to do. No paint or treatments are required, there are however, composite wood reviver may help. Do not stain, oil or paint any Builddeck products without prior guidance.

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