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Still thinking about your decking? Read this 3+3 tips to choose your decking part 1

Builddeck Composite Decking

Read this 3 + 3 tips. It will guide you in the choice of your decking

  1. Select the right material

1. Select the right material composite decking

On the market there are different decking materials: composite, wood, bamboo, solid, hollow and so on. The choice among them could be tricky and it often relies on the price. But is the price the only factor to be considered? And even if it is the price (we understand everyone has a budget), are we speaking about the price today or the price for a lifespan?

Since the market offers different solutions, you probably want to find the solution that best fit your needs. Just remember the lifespan will affect your budget in the long term as well as the maintenance does. And regarding this, a solid board offers more stability and durability than the hollow.

  1. Keep unwanted guests out

2. Keep unwanted guests outSolid composite boards are the perfect material if you don’t want to deal with unwanted garden guests. You don’t need to do any treatment and they last very long, maintaining their barefoot and pet friendly qualities. Hollow boards are a natural nest and you could face some “visitors”. Timber and other organic materials are by nature attacked by insects and you have to treat them to prevent this issue.

  1. Select the right subframe

3. Select the right subframeThe subframe is important because it is going to support all your decking. It is also directly connected to the choice of your decking because the distance and the structure of your subframe can change and become more or less expensive. Also, it is pointless to choose a composite decking that lasts very long and use timber for the subframe that has a shorter lifespan. Hardwood can be a wise choice even if aluminium is becoming a valid alternative due to the weight, cost and lifespan.


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