Does Composite Decking Fade

Traditional Timber

Taking care of a traditional wooden deck can be a lot of work. Most wooden decks will need to be sealed and stained at least every 2-3 years to prolong their colour as the British summer and watery winters take their toll on even the most hard-wearing stains and paints.

When considering a deck refurbishment or replacement one of the most common questions we receive is does composite decking have the same fading issues as their timber alternatives?

Builddeck Composite decking boards

Despite any claims to the resistance of fading, time can always take it’s toll on even the toughest and most durable surfaces. While Builddeck composite decking is extremely resistant to fading, it is not 100% fade proof.

The sun impacts materials at an atomic level, breaking down chemical bonds and fading colours in the process. As such, virtually all man-made materials will suffer some form of fading when exposed to a continued onslaught of UV rays.

Any fading will usually settle after a 6 month period depending on your spacial layout and the amount of direct sun light the boards are exposed to. Slight colour variations may occur when ordering boards from different batches. Please provide as much information as possible when making an enquiry to ensure you are provided with enough boards initially to avoid any possible batch variations.

Does Composite Decking Fade After 1 Month

After 1 Month in the sun


Does Composite Decking Fade After 3 Months

After 3 Months in the sun


Does Composite Decking Fade After 6 Months

After 6 Months in the sun



Builddeck Composite Decking products are made from 60% natural material and each board is designed to imitate traditional timber, often with naturally occurring variations in colour, texture and grain pattern. The boards are designed to weather and fade slightly to allow the colour to settle evenly over time. Slight variations may also occur when ordering from different batches, at different times. We strongly advise providing our team with as much detail as possible as to your measurements, design and additional requirements to allow us to provide the most accurate quantity initially, and avoid any possible batch variations.