Composite Decking

Are you looking to transform your outdoor space in a way that offers you little to no maintenance? Composite Decking is the perfect solution to help improve your garden. Composite decking boards have a stunning appearance and resemble real wood when fitted, they require minimal upkeep and will not rot. Our plastic decking comes with a 10-year guarantee, making it the perfect option. At Senate Composite, we are proud of the quality of composite decking boards we offer our customers.


Our Composite Decking Boards are no ordinary decking boards


Our composite decking boards are made from 100% FSC® certified timber and recycled plastics, combining their unique properties in one base material, which makes it weather resistant and durable. The results is a low maintenance, strong, durable, eco-friendly and pet/barefoot safe composite decking board, making it perfectly suited for use in gardens or public areas. Our composite decking boards are robust, versatile and slip resistant. They can therefore be used in a wide variety of places including; around swimming pools, on balconies or as caravan decking. Although strength and endurance are certainly important aspects of a decking, you also want something visually appealing.  We have plenty of styles and colours for you to choose from that can render your living space more attractive. If you are looking for decking that resembles real wood, composite decking is the perfect choose for you.

Are you wondering what colour decking to buy? Don’t worry, if you can’t decide which colour is right request a FREE sample to preview before you make your final purchase.

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Low Maintenance

Are you constantly cleaning and sealing your decking? One of the main advantages of using composite decking is that you will spend minimal time on maintenance, meaning you have more time to enjoy your decking. The colour of your chosen composite deck boards will stay prominent for many years, unlike timber deck boards. Composite decking is renowned for its durability and weather resistant trait.  As for the cleaning, washing composite decking at least once a month is advised, all you need is a simple rinse with the garden hose to make it look clean all year round.



British weather conditions on garden decking can be rough; hot summers, cold winters and rainy weather can often leave deck boards bent and covered with splinters. However, if you decide to purchase composite decking boards, they will remain beautiful, irrespective of the weather.


Environmentally Friendly

It is a good feeling when you look out into your garden and know that you have made a sound environmental decision. Once you have purchased your composite decking you can have peace of mind knowing the deck boards are comprised of recycled materials.


Why Choose Senate Composite?

We provide all our customers with a 10-year warranty on all products we supply. If your decking has a fault, we will replace that decking quickly for you, in order for your outdoor goals to be achieved. We are here to help build an outdoor space you have always dreamt of.

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