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Prevent slips with our slip resistant composite decking

Having a decking area that is safe no matter your age is important to us at Senate Composites. Whether you are planning to create an exciting garden suitable for energetic children, or you are looking to make a disability ramp for elderly folk to ensure they are surefooted no matter the season we have the right material for you.

Over the last 30 years or so a penchant for timber deck walkways or simple patio slabs were the only option for most people. As technology has improved the development of alternative products such as our composite decking bring together the beauty and strength of traditional wood alongside the permanence and ease of plastic material.

As our wood plastic compound is fully man-made, our technicians have created one of the highest rated slip resistant ratings on the market in both the wet and dry. We are immensely proud of our certification and hope it helps consumers with decision making. The material is also produced with an anti-fungal element to eliminate the problem of slimy moss and fungal growth that often occurs with traditional timber decking.

The Technical Stuff

We understand that customers will look around for the best price when it comes to investing their money into a new deck. If you’re going to buy composite boards partly because of their slip resistant characteristics, then you may want to know what questions to ask suppliers and have our ratings to hand when comparing us against other companies.

All testing on our boards is done in the UK so we know that our quality standards comply with British Health & Safety regulations. The slip test is done in a laboratory using a pendulum swing which is monitored over an average of 12 swings. The mean is then used to determine a figure that can be used as a guide against any other product that is tested for slip.

As a guide, building regulations have the following recommendations with regard to test ratings. It’s easy to see just how amazingly high our composite decking performs!

Risk Of Slip Standard
Grades of Rating
Our Anti Slip
Grade Result
High Slip Potential 0 – 24
Moderate Slip Potential 25 – 35
Low Slip Potential 36+ 37

For your information, our composite boards have been tested on the grooved side of the profile.

In the near future we are looking to have the woodgrain effect side tested and see no reason why the textured side of the board will not also achieve a high safety slip resistant rating!

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