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Non-combustible Decking System

Our Class A, Non-Combustible Decking System is second to none.

Introducing our entirely new range of non-combustible products with solutions for every project. The Class A fire rated systems make no compromise on quality or sustainability and are supported by our expert team.

As well as being Class A certified in line with the amended Building Regulations, Builddeck aluminium decking is the natural choice for high rise developments. Being easy to specify, simple to install, non combustible and highly durable.

The new improved regulations have limited some of the readily available decking and flooring materials. For instance, one of the most commonly used up till now has been wood and materials containing wood which cannot be used henceforth. Timber Decking, Polyester Resins and Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) are also not permissible options under the new regulation. Additionally, composite decking products are no longer feasible under the new regulations since they do not fall under the Euroclass system categories A2-s1,d0 rated or class A1. Composite decking is combustible.

Specifying Decking in High-Rise Buildings.

High-rise buildings are an indisputable part of every modern, technology-driven landscape which runs on strong pillars of minimalism and innovation. With the expansion in population coupled with a proportionate increase in the reported number of accidents, safety rules and regulations for such buildings are getting stricter and more comprehensive. Particularly, fire safety measures are witnessing significant changes. This follows a tremendous increase in the number of fires reported by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) Global. An increasing number of fires in buildings are caused due to unattended or carefree disposal of materials containing flammables, coal from barbecues, and other smoking materials, all of which have raised concerns among major regulatory bodies. Building warranty providers, architects, interior designers and developers are extremely cautious of ensuring that they do not miss out any aspect of safety. From the design stage to the final construction stage, regulatory standards must be considered. Balconies too are an integral part of high-rise living and are considered to be a part of the external walls. Specifically, they are classified as “specified attachment”.

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