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How To Fit Composite Decking

Composite decking is a fantastic low maintenance eco-friendly product that will not only look great but will also last for years with very little maintenance involved. But just exactly what is it made from and how do you fit composite decking?

Composite is a mixture of timber and plastic. A lot of people think that composites are plastic and treat them as such. When in fact it has a lot of the characteristics of timber so it expands, reacts to water and its surrounding environment.

Before installing our composite decking boards, take the time to read our detailed installation manual. It will make putting down the decking straightforward and potentially save you money in avoiding damaged boards.

So, how do you fit composite decking? Here are three industry secrets:

  1. Drainage

    Our composite decking boards require a fall off of 1 in 80 to help water run off the boards. This means that for every 800mm in length, the decking needs to be 10mm lower at one end than the other. So for instance, a decking that is 2400mm in length needs to drop 30mm. You need to ensure the boards do not sit in water as they will absorb the moisture which will cause swelling and cracking as the boards dry out.
  2. Support

    Our normal decking which is 22mm thick needs to be laid on joists that have a centre to centre distance of 300mm. Our newer 25mm thick boards can have a slightly wider span of 400mm centre to centre. This ensures that the boards are well supported and reduces the amount of movement of the boards.
  3. Expansion

    As mentioned earlier, an important characteristic of composite is that it expands and contracts. Tests have shown that it expands between 0.3% – 0.5% over its entire length at its extreme. With the heat and moisture in this country, so long as you leave a minimum of 7mm between the boards at the small butt ends, you should be fine. The clips will give the required gap between the boards across their length.
Lengh mm Expansion
0.3% 0.5%
2200 6.6 mm 11 mm
2400 7.2 mm 12 mm
3600 10.8 mm 18 mm

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