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Create an outdoor room with our composite decking

Composite Decking Outside Space

Nowadays, it seems that everybody likes decking. Architects and designers enjoy the endless design possibilities, house builders and developers like the fact that they can add value to a property and all of those sloping sites can now have a useful outdoor space.

The leisure industry love the way the decking can extend the use of leisure and recreational facilities at their complexes.

Decks range from the simplest, rectangular raised platform at ground level, next to a property, to complex, multi level structures incorporating features like stairs, archways, fishponds and so on.

But decking also creates the perfect outside room no matter where you live and can be made as large or as small as you want.

Placed outside a set of patio doors leading from the lounge, or alongside the kitchen door, an area of decking gives the impression that the house is much larger than it looks. It’s actually a very cost effective way of extending your home and adding value to it. Also, it provides a safe place for the kids to play and for you to entertain friends with a barbeque. You will not normally need planning permission for building a decking area on your property so it can all happen very quickly.


Choose decking colours that blend into your décor to help enhance the feeling of being all as one. A slightly lighter shade of wood can make the area seem even larger. Consider adding a few extras that will make your decking look like more than a blank canvas. Some balustrading around the decking can add a ‘touch of class’ as well as keeping young children safe if you’re busy indoors. Add an attractive table and chairs, perhaps a barbeque, some planters filled with fragrant herbs and even a candle or two – and your outside room is complete.

Having the patio doors open, which lead straight out onto the composite decking, will encourage people to relax and mingle at your parties. They have the space to move, and are not confined to a small room. The patio can even become a place for calm relaxation under stars on a warm summer’s night.

Make sure your design is right for the site, taking into account such elements as prevailing wind; sunniest aspect; ease of access etc. If you plan to use the decking in the evening, make sure you incorporate outdoor lighting. If you have young children, make sure handrails and barriers are in place, enhancing the anti slip decking further.

So sit back and enjoy a relaxing evening on your new WPC decking, made even better by the knowledge that this is an experience you can enjoy time and time again in the years ahead.

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