Composite Fencing Panels

BuildDeck Composite Fencing

Our composite fencing panels are a practical, eco-friendly option for gardens and commercial boundaries. With its sleek and modern style it can be the perfect finishing touch to your outside space.

Our natural-looking plastic fence panels are low maintenance, lightweight, rigid and durable. Simply slot the panels into your existing concrete posts or use our innovative aluminium fence post system for a quick, cost-effective solution for any parameter.

We all recognise that fencing has to be robust – it must endure anything that its outdoor surroundings will throw at it, in addition to wildlife and people. That is why our high-quality, Composite fencing is the perfect solution.

Eco-Friendly Alternative To Timber Fence Panels

Composite fences provide a durable fencing solution. You can adapt your fence panels effortlessly to obtain the height and design you want. Panels can also be installed on existing concrete posts saving time and effort. It is becoming an increasingly popular material choice as it gives an eye-catching alternative to traditional wooden panels.

Our composite fencing range is available in a range of colours and will enhance any outdoor living space.

What makes Composite Fencing Standout?

The perfect combination between excellent beauty, low upkeep and robust efficiency, is our composite balustrades. The beautiful and highly strong and powerful texture. A sculpted top handrail portion provides a chic finish while the smooth, simple and un-coated look of secret hardware.

  • It remains in great condition for a remarkably long time; most manufacturers even provide a 20-year product guarantee.
  • Needs minimal up-keep and maintenance – no painting or staining!
  • Extremely easy to install yourself
  • Wide range of styles so you can customise your composite fencing panels to match your own unique taste
  • Although there are cheaper, lower quality alternatives – you’d be surprised at how affordable composite fencing is!
  • Made from recycled materials – composite fencing is non-toxic and environmentally friendly

To find out more about composite fencing contact us today and a member of our team can help guide and advise you.

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Strong and Reliable

Adding a composite fence to your outdoor space can help redefine your garden. At BuildDeck, we offer composite fencing that looks like real wood due to its grain finish. The natural appearance of our fencing will blend perfectly with any outdoor space, complimenting its surroundings.

Low Maintenance Alternative

Composite fencing is the ideal alternative to traditional wooden fencing. It is a high-quality material consisting of a combination of reclaimed wood and plastic polymers. It doesn't warp, rot or fade making it extremely durable. All our composite fencing ranges require minimal maintenance that will help keep its attractive appearance for years to come.

Easy Installation

Composite fencing are easy to install, you can easily replace wooden fencing panels by slotting your new composite fencing into the exisiting fencing posts. Our fencing is available in a variety of colours and sizes, tailored to suit your needs.