Composite Decking – Low Maintenance Decking Boards

Transform your outdoor space with composite decking boards

Are you looking to transform your outdoor space in a way that offers you little to no maintenance? Our composite decking boards are the perfect solution to help improve your garden. Composite has a stunning appearance and resembles real wood when fitted, and requires minimal maintenance. Our products come with a residential 25 year guarantee, making it the perfect option for your outdoor living space. At BuildDeck, we are proud of the quality of composite decking products we offer to our customers.

Require some high-quality decking for your outdoor living space? Browse our extensive range of garden decking solutions and create a long-lasting deck the entire family can enjoy!

At BuildDeck, we focus on delivering cost-effective and eco-friendly decking to satisfy all styles and budgets. We have a huge range of finishes to choose from at affordable prices. All of our WPC composite deck boards are manufactured to withstand the elements all year round.

  • Less cleaning and upkeep than traditional timber decking
  • Only the highest-quality materials used
  • Perfect for all varieties of gardens and other outdoor spaces!

Homeowners throughout the UK trust BuildDeck because our range of composite products is affordable and easy to maintain – Additionally, they have an eye-catching finish that’s easily a match for any timber decking alternatives.

Victoria Composite Decking

Victoria Composite Decking


Vintage Composite Decking

Vintage Composite Decking


Heritage Composite Decking

Heritage Composite Decking


Environmentally friendly outdoor decking

Our composite decking boards are made from 100% FSC® timber and recycled plastics, combining their unique properties in one base material, which makes it weather resistant and durable. The results is a low maintenance, strong, durable, and eco-friendly decking board. This makes our products perfectly suited for use in gardens or public areas, due to being robust, versatile and slip resistant. They can therefore be used in a wide variety of places including; around swimming pools, on balconies or as caravan decking. Although strength and longevity are certainly important aspects, you also want something visually appealing. We have plenty of styles and colours for you to choose from that can create a more attractive living space. If you are looking for garden decking that resembles real wood, composite decking is the perfect choice for you.

Our low maintenance products are the perfect solution to rotten and weathered traditional timber alternatives. At BuildDeck, our boards never have to be coated, polished or sealed, and they are secure and slip-resistant against any weather conditions unlike timber-coating goods. Our easy to install range gives you the opportunity to fully appreciate your outdoor space with friends and family.

Why Choose Composite Decking?



Garden decking should be able to stand against bad weather, but unfortunately, when it is outdoors for too long, a wooden deck tends to warp and rot. Our composite deckboards are sturdy, hard-wearing and structurally designed to cope with any weather conditions.


Are you considering adding garden decking to your outdoor space? Our experienced installation team are on hand to install your chosen products efficiently with minimal fuss. Our boards never need to be stained or painted, a simple jet wash from time to time can make your deck look beautiful for decades.


If you decide to choose traditional decking, this will need replacing often and will end up being costly over time. Good quality composite deck boards never need to be replaced.

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As suppliers of modern and resistant composite boards, you can be sure to receive a high-quality trusted service from us at BuildDeck.

Compared to traditional timber decking, our manufactured composite decking soaks up very little moisture and is highly resistant to becoming mouldy, discoloured or warped. The hardwearing anti-slip surface is suitable for both domestic and commercial use and is able to withstand heavy use and the weight of outdoor furniture.

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Low maintenance Boards

Our low maintenance composite decking boards are a revolutionary alternative to timber or plastic products that do not require painting, staining or sealing. Unlike wood timber products, they are safe throughout the whole year. These qualities ensure that our durable garden decking is the perfect choice for domestic and commercial projects.

Slip and moisture resistant

The grooves in wood decking gather dirt and debris, and in the winter months, the water collects and freezes causing a slippery iced surface. To avoid this issue and to ensure your garden decking is safe all year round, our slip-resistant boards are the ideal choice.  Our boards have been designed to be highly slip-resistant as they absorb little moisture, meaning mould is less likely to form as well as water freezing in colder months.

Recycled Decking

All our decking range is environmentally friendly and the perfect balance between quality products and sustainable living. Our recycled deck boards are often a one time purchase for our customers because they do not splinter, warp or require any treatment. Therefore, there is no repair or replacements needed compared to timber decking.

Durable Decking

When you introduce decking to your garden, you want to know it will look pristine for years to come. We are known for our durable long-lasting product that retains its colour and strength for decades. Our customers can rest assured they are receiving high-quality materials that are built to last.

Composite Decking FAQs

Is composite decking easy to install?

Composite deck boards are quick and easy to install, however, this does depend on the chosen product you will be using. Each type of deck board is different from one another, therefore each installation will be slightly different.

Can you paint composite decking?

At BuildDeck, we are proud to offer our customers low maintenance composite decking that will never need to be painted. If you choose to invest in quality boards you’ll save yourself time and money, because our deck boards do not require costly and timely annual maintenance.

Why is composite decking better than wood?

Unlike wood timber decking, composite decking is nearly maintenance-free and does not require any staining, sanding or sealing. Compared to timber boards, our product does not rot meaning it will look pristine for years to come.

How to clean composite decking?

We recommend spending 2-3 hours a year cleaning products to keep it looking pristine. Following this recommendation will help your decking last longer and protect it against any issues in the future.

Is our decking slippery?

Composite boards are not slippery even if water is present on the surface. A non-slip grain is embedded into the surface, meaning it is extremely safe to walk on when wet, making our product safer for everyone.

How long does composite decking last?

On average composite decking will last around 20 – 25 years, with proper care and maintenance. Our product is highly resistant to rot and mold which can effect wood timber decking. It also holds up well in both hot a cold weather conditions.