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Composite Decking FAQ

Builddeck creates an engineered material made from 60% FSC® certified timber and 40% recycled high density polyethylene. Other materials include UV stabilizer, colouring, and anti-fungal and bonding agents. Combined, this creates a long lasting, low maintenance composite decking that also retains a natural look and feel of traditional timber products, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use.

Our Vintage and Victoria ranges are primarily available in four colours:

  • Grey - a mid grey for a contemporary finish.
  • Ebony - a dense black hardwood with brown accents.
  • Teak - a tropical hardwood for a traditional wood finish.
  • Redwood - an autumnal red as a representation of the redwood tree.

All of our composite decking products are coloured solid throughout which creates a natural lighter surface with darker more accentuated grooves.

Builddeck Vintage composite decking is conveniently double sided which creates countless cost effective design options. Victoria composite decking offers the same surface, but is single sided making it a cost effective solution.

  • Castle Groove composite decking - Low risk of slip grooved surface, even when wet (*Dry value: avg 52, Wet value: avg 37).
  • Woodgrain composite decking - Natural design with the look and feel of traditional timber.

Traditional soft and hardwood decking expands and contracts due to changes in climate and water absorption which will eventually lead to warping and splitting. As Builddeck composite decking is made up of 60% natural material, some expansion can occur however on a significantly smaller scale. Additionally, by leaving the correct expansion gaps as detailed within our full installation guide, any fluctuation can be pre-empted, avoiding possible future warping.

Builddeck composite decking will not rot due to the remaining 40% made up of recycled high density plastics. This creates a very low maintenance product as opposed to traditional decking which will require regular cleaning, staining and replacement.

Our carefully designed grooved surface has a certified low-risk of slip finish, even when wet, and will not splinter or crack making it a perfect pet and barefoot friendly addition to any outdoor living space or luxury area.

Yes, all Builddeck composite decking products come with a 25 year* domestic warranty.

*Due to the extensive footfall, this may differ for commercial projects. Please contact us for further details. Please always refer to our installation guide to ensure products are installed as per manufacturer's instructions.

Before purchasing your boards, you will have to do a bit of homework and calculate a budget to work with. There are different types of composite decking boards available at Builddeck, that come with different features and variable price points. It is important to describe in a much detail what your decking area will primarily be used for and what your ideal budget would be, so our team can accurately inform you of our best matched products. You can contact our expert advisors by clicking here, calling 01438 362 547 or by emailing us at You can also take full advantage of our composite decking calculator.

On average, composite decking boards are slightly more in cost when compared to wooden boards in the UK. However, composite decking requires almost no maintenance, so no expensive repainting or staining is required. Over the long-term, composite decking will often work out cheaper than the equivalent timber products due to it's durability.

Builddeck Composite Decking products are made from 60% natural material and each board is designed to imitate traditional timber, often with naturally occurring variations in colour, texture and grain pattern. The boards are designed to weather and fade slightly to allow the colour to settle evenly over time. Slight variations may also occur when ordering from different batches, at different times. We strongly advise providing our team with as much detail as possible as to your measurements, design and additional requirements to allow us to provide the most accurate quantity initially, and avoid any possible batch variations. 

Traditional timber decking can become very slippery and dangerous when wet and dirty. Builddeck Composite Decking has a castle grooved surface which has been designed and tested to be certified as Low Risk of slip potential even when wet.

No, specialist tools are not required, and you can use the same tools you would to install timber decking. However, we do recommend a saw blade with fewer teeth for a smoother cut. Whether you choose to install your composite decking using the traditional screw method or using our hidden clip system, all fixings, drill bits and colour matching screws are supplied directly from Builddeck.

Composite Decking can be installed as simply as wood decking using a traditional screw method. Builddeck boards also offer our unique hidden clip system which significantly simplifies the fitting process and leaves the exposed decking surface completely free of all fixings for a seamless and safe, barefoot friendly finish. You can download our full composite decking installation guide by clicking here. Alternatively, our team is more than happy to help with any further questions or advice, and can be contacted by clicking here, calling 01438 362 547 or by emailing us at Whichever option you decide to fit your Composite Decking, we strongly advise leaving sufficient gaps for potential expansion due to weather changes and ensuring the deck is installed with the correct pitch to avoid water retention, as per our installation instructions and warranty.

Composite Decking doesn’t require any painting or staining like timber decking and requires very little maintenance and cleaning. However, to keep your decking in pristine and “as new” condition, simply hose it down with soapy water and sweep away any moss or debris. If preferred, a power/jet washer can be used to clean the decking surface and hard to reach areas, but a minimum distance of 30cm from the decking must be kept at all times.

Builddeck Composite Decking has a much higher ignition than standard timber.

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