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Watergate Bay Hotel, Newquay

Watergate Bay 2

The Watergate Bay Hotel gives you all the great things you'd find in a mountain resort - on a spectacular beach on the North Cornwall coast near Newquay. It's an irresistible combination of dramatic coastline, adrenaline sports, gorgeous accommodation, brilliant places to eat and drink, inspiring people and a truly relaxed vibe.

Providing a spectacular view of the sea and attracting a scalable amount of the UKs surfing community, The Watergate Bay Hotel realise the importance of maintaining the look and feel of a traditional beach resort. Once the decision was made to upgrade the outdoor dining and seating area, the decking required would need the sustainability to withstand the heavy footfall and harsh weather conditions, while also offering the aesthetics of traditional timber.


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Customer Needs

They needed to install new decking for the outdoor living areas, maintaining the atmosphere given by the surrounding nature. They required a material with a low-slip surface, environmental friendly and strong enough to resist to the climate close to the sea. At the same time, they needed a stylish board, that matches the hotel luxury style.

Solution Provided

They choose the Heritage Boards. Due to its durability and long lasting properties, combined with the stylish finishes of the wood, the Heritage board fits the hotel style.  The low slip rate combined with the low maintenance and wood finish, made the Heritage board the perfect solution for their project, whilst keep an eye to the environment thanks to its eco-friendly nature.


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