Southill Park Criket Club – Bedfordshire

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1 – Introduction


Established in 1884, Southill Park Cricket Club in Biggleswade has a proud history of over 125 years. A Clubmark accredited club and overseen by the England and Wales Cricket Board it has teams in a variety of different youth and adult leagues. The club is nestled in the charming Whitbread estate and the Cricket Pavilion is the central hub of the club itself.

However, as you can imagine, after so many games of cricket played the pavilion walkway was in need of modernisation.



2 – Planning

Pic2southillThe traditional flag stone patio had degraded over time, become unsafe and did not allow disabled access to the pavilion which is needed in the good old British summer, of course. As part of the overall refurbishment of the cricket pavilion it was decided to bring the external fabric into the 21st century. This meant that a new kitchen was installed while the showers and the toilets were upgraded. All that was needed to complete the pavilion was decking.

As part of our desire to support local organisations Timco Wood volunteered to supply our WPC decking for the cricket pavilion and Southill.

3 – Testing

As the demands of a cricketing pavilion are that much greater than most other decking projects. Timco Wood composite decking was sent to the labs at Labosport – the world leader in sports product testing and analysis – to see if it would stand up to the rigours of the heavy usage of a pavilion. We are pleased to say that the capabilities of our solid composite decking outperformed traditional timber across the entire testing spectrum and was given the green light to be rolled out at an ECB affiliated cricketing pavilion.

4 – Foundation


We had kept in regular contact with representatives of the Bedfordshire Cricket Board throughout the testing process, not only to maintain a positive working relationship but to ensure that when testing was complete that we would be ready to fulfil their composite decking order and have the decking installed quickly.

Testing was not completed until the 2014 domestic cricket season had begun so we had to wait until that was finished before we could start the pavilion replacement process.

Once the season was over however we were able to assist at all stages of the replacement.

It was discovered, for instance, that when the old pavilion flag stone patio was removed the cladding to the original pavilion had rotted due to water damage. This is a common feature with timber clad buildings. Before preparation to the sub frame could take place the rotten cladding had to be replaced.

5 – Ground Work

Once the ground had been cleared the preparation for the subframe could start. A hole borer was hired and the pre-assembled joist was laid by professional craftsman, John. Once concreted in place a breathable membrane was laid between the joist which was then covered by gravel to secure in place. Everything was ready for the installation.


6 – Installation

Steve and Kat attended site on the day of installation, assisted with the unloading of 120 lengths of our solid composite decking and proceeded to ensure that installation ran smoothly. Kat prepared the joists as Steve demonstrated how to use our concealed clip system (for longer than he had anticipated). The build went smoothly thanks in no small part to the efforts of John and his team for the work they put in, their enthusiasm for Southill Cricket Club and their understanding of how our composite decking system is put together.

And lastly, thanks to Ann for providing some of the best cups of tea that a building site has ever seen.

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