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Les Beaux Jardins, Loughton

Composite Decking with Aluminium Substructure Builddeck

In early 2019, Builddeck introduced the stunning new aluminium substructure system to the already extensive range of superior decking products. Its simple and sturdy design ensures rapid installation regardless of the complexity of the project. Designed to support any conventional decking systems, it is the perfect option for all decking applications.

Les Beaux Jardins approached Builddeck for a large upcoming project in Loughton, a town and civil parish in the Epping Forest District of Essex. They had originally planned to move ahead with an order of our Vintage decking range, as they had worked with it before and received great feedback from their customers, including some large construction companies. The substructure was planned to be ordered by another supplier, however Builddecks’ aluminium joists, although area perfect choice for any decking brand, they are designed specifically for use with our decking range. With this in mind, as well as a highly competitive quotation, Neil at Les Beaux Jardins decided to order the entire structure from us.

Until recent years, almost all domestic decking and terrace areas in the UK have been installed using a timber subframe. Not only has it been a popular choice due to a relatively lower cost in comparison to other options, but also that for many years it has been really the only option available to homes, despite the known issues that will inevitably occur over time due to deterioration and eventual rotting. With the introduction of Builddecks aluminium substructure, which will not rot and provides a much longer lasting solution, the long term savings far outweigh the initial cost.

Many homeowners will have a deteriorating subframe under their decking and not know it or understand the dangers it can pose. Timber absorbs moisture like a sponge and when it dries out, is reluctant to stay in shape. This can eventually lead to timber breaking, meaning the decking will not have as much support as it should. Aluminium, on the other hand, will not bow between supports/pedestals. And, when using a robust, high quality joist, the decking supports can be spaced for more stability.

Once the substructure had been fully installed, it was time to lay the area with our beautiful Vintage decking range. The customer in this instance had chosen our grey colour to continue the ongoing theme of the build, a good balance of modern style with a rustic back drop.

Using our concealed clip system made the process very easy to install and kept all fixings hidden beneath the deck surface, screwed directly in to the specifically designed continuous fixing channel of the aluminium joists. This leaves the composite decking completely clear of all screws, which combined with our Low Slip Potential grooved surface (Dry:52 Wet:37), creates a safe, barefoot and pet friendly area.

Composite Decking Durable
Composite Decking Durable

At Builddeck, we take great pride in our products and work very closely with our customers to ensure a smooth delivery and installation process. This particular project was no exception, and even received some additional materials delivered directly by one of our senior members of staff. This project has been a pleasure to work on and as always, it is great to team up with amazing landscapers such as Les Beaux Jardins. We strongly believe their work truly lives up to the name.

Composite Decking Durable

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