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Are You Looking For Decking With a Long Lifespan? Composite Decking is the Solution

Composite Decking: We all want a lovely-looking garden that we can relax in and enjoy, but many of us can spare little time to dedicate to its upkeep. One way to spruce up your garden and keep it looking clean, tidy and inviting all year round is to install decking.

These days you are no longer limited to timber decking only, and investing in composite decking is the fastest way to get a quality garden deck that looks fantastic and will last you for a long time.

Composite Decking – Strong materials

While traditional timber decking can be made from a range of hardwood options, choosing the timber with the most beautiful finish and longevity can be difficult and pricey.

But with composite decking, you will have a more affordable option with plenty of flexibility. Composite decking is a better option if you have an oddly shaped garden or for areas where it will be exposed to high levels of sunlight. 

Composite decking is made from a strong mixture of hardwearing recycled plastic and natural wood fibre to create a finished product that looks and feels like natural wood but without disadvantages.

Timber decking will lose its structural integrity over time, which means it can warp and splinter. Composite decking doesn’t have these problems, and the strength of the materials used will help keep your decking in good condition.

You can also choose from a broader range of colours or finishes, and you don’t need to re-stain your deck every year or treat it for woodworm, so your long-term maintenance costs will be far lower than with traditional timber decking. 

Composite decking maintenance 

Everyone wants decking installed in their garden that will look good year-round. One of the main reasons timber decking has been such a popular choice in recent decades is the natural beauty and richness of the wood.

Depending on the type of timber used, the original colours will age and weather over time to a dull grey shade. People will often apply wood stain, oils and varnish to help revive the colour, which can be labour-intensive and expensive.

Composite decking typically doesn’t require painting, staining, oiling or varnishing. Timber decking requires more maintenance to preserve its appearance, so if you don’t have the time to dedicate to its upkeep, then composite decking will be the better choice.

Composite decking is made to mimic natural wood’s appearance and feel underfoot. You can also choose a more sleek and contemporary shade that you can’t get with traditional timber decking. This will enable you to match and coordinate your decking to your home’s décor and colour scheme instead of it being in stark contrast. 

Composite decking installation

Composite decking is an easier option to install than traditional timber decking. This is because composite decking is available to buy in standard lengths from a composite decking company that you can easily have cut to size.

Traditional timber planks can come in random lengths, so it can take more time to measure and install timber decking. If you plan on installing your garden decking yourself and have never done this before, you may find working with composite decking far easier to install as a novice.

If you are looking for a highly durable, low maintenance, cost-effective decking option, composite might be suitable for you. It is also a sound choice for your garden if you are older or have disabilities or health conditions that would make it challenging to keep on top of your deck maintenance needs. 

Composite decking is a simple, beautiful, low-maintenance solution for your garden makeover. It will look good all year round and give you many years of enjoyment.

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