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5 Stylish and Practical Decking Ideas

You finally have the house of your dreams, but now what? Usually, after purchasing a house the first place new owners look to change is the garden. Depending on your vision, this could be a big patio, composite deck, balcony, or a courtyard…the list truly goes on. 

Did you realise that almost all these ideas can be taken to the next level with the inclusion of decking? It’s a simple, yet visually impactful way to make these garden dreams a reality. 

Having a deck is a fantastic investment and also adds an incredible outdoor space to your home. You get to hold cookouts with your friends on the weekends or sit down and read a book on some days. There is so much you can do to make your deck cosy.

The one thing you need to look at when constructing your deck is the material you use. While most decks are made using wood, you can also add aluminium to the planks to make them stronger. They will last longer for you. Here are a few practical and stylish ideas for your deck.

Play Around With the Colours

Decking ideas

One thing you will notice about most decks is they have the same colour scheme. No one said this has to be the case all the time. You can switch up the usual brown colour with a darker colour if you are into the darker themes. Many people choose to utilise a light grey composite with a darker grey composite decking.

If you love light and bright colours, then go right ahead. All you need to ensure is that you get a colour that matches your preferences. If you do not want to paint over the wood, you can add a protective coat to prevent it from rotting. The natural grain of the wood still looks good when you leave it bare. You can also play around with the colours of the accessories you put on the deck. Do not be afraid to experiment with coloured cushions and pillows on your patio. They add a pop of colour to the whole place.

Create a Poolside Lounge

pool decking ideas

If you have a pool in your backyard, then this can be an excellent idea for you. Create the perfect poolside lounge for you and your family. The good thing about this idea is, it is straightforward to pull-off and will not need much. All you have to do is get a couple of poolside chairs for people to relax in. ensure that the deck goes around the pool. You can also add a couple of chairs under a shade when you want to sit down and read or relax. The great thing about this idea is, you will spend less on it, and the outcome will have your pool area looking like a fancy restaurant.

While we’re trying to create a fun outdoor space, it is always important to consider safety. Aluminimum decking boards have a slip-resistant texture, making them the perfect poolside decking choice. Additionally, they also come in a wide range of colours to suit whatever style choice you have chosen to go for.

Create a Zen Atmosphere

If you love meditating, then this idea is for you. Create a calm atmosphere to carry out your meditation from. All you need is a couple of comfortable chairs, rugs, and plants. With this kind of idea, you call the shots. Ensure that the deck has everything that you find relaxing so you can meditate in peace. You can also include a yoga mat to use for your stretches as you meditate.

One thing you need to ensure, though, is to keep it as minimal as possible. Piling up things together can make the entire place feel stuffy and cut out the whole relaxing aspect. 

To add boundaries to your relaxation space you can also include a composite fence. This easy-to-install fencing creates a sense of privacy from prying neighbours and is also eco-friendly. You can also include a yoga mat to use for your stretches as you meditate.

Nature Deck

nature deck ideas

If you love nature, then definitely include it in your deck. It can be done in several ways, depending on the size of the deck. If you have a smaller deck, go for potted plants. You can never go wrong with these. They can go very well with the wood on the deck. The good thing with potted plants is, you can move them around depending on your current mood and taste. You can also choose to have plants growing up from the ground. One way to make this unique is to have the wood on your deck go around the planted areas.

Take it a notch higher by planting flowers in the middle of the deck. It makes the entire ensemble look put together. Sitting at this place can transport you into the wild since most of these plants and flowers grow so big.

Rustic Deck

rustic decking ideas

Blending modern materials with rustic ones will help you bring out this style. It is a great way to achieve a contemporary feel to the whole deck. Play around with the lines on the wooden panels you have to look cozy and feel minimalist. The good thing with this style is it goes well with raised decks and the other usual ones. It is a great style for you if you have limited space for your deck. Remember to pair everything up well, so it all looks out together.

Another way to give the whole place an aged feel is to use dark shades on the deck floors. You can use this wood on your seats, as well as they will complement it. Should you need a splash of colour, do this with the throw pillows you will have on the seats.

Decorating your deck does not have to be such a challenging task. All you need to do is plan out what you need and get to it. If you already had a deck that needs some refreshing, then go right ahead. The good thing with decks is, it is easy to bring them back to life after a little neglect. You might need a few days of deep cleaning, but soon, you will have it looking as good as new.

Think these decking concepts are only achievable with conventional wooden decking? Think again! Composite decking, with it’s lightweight design and easy-to-install boards, is the first choice for creating eco-friendly and visually stunning decking ideas. What are the advantages?

  1. More colours and finishes to work with than timber
  2. Less cleaning and up-keep
  3. More robust – composite doesn’t rot, wood does
  4. More environmentally friendly material than wood
  5. Ultimately more cost-effective

If you’ve seen something you like in this article and are interested in having your own composite product installed in your garden or outdoor space, contact the BuildDeck team! We have everything you need and ensure you get the best materials for the job. We also offer helpful pointers for you when you need them.