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3+3 tips to choose your decking part 2

Builddeck Composite Decking
  1. CHOOSE YOUR DECKING spot and prepare it

4. Select the right spot Where are you going to install your composite decking? Close to your house on in a corner of your garden? It has to be raised or not? The better you plan, the longest it will last. You definitely don’t want to call an installer to re-install it after a couple of year. Don’t worry, here they are few important things to remember: 1) Choose a flat area; 2) clean it from rocks and trees. For a perfect outcome, you want to build a concrete base with a slope to allow the water to run away. In this way you have a solid ground and you have not to worry about plants, water stain, trees, soil etc in the future.

  1. Select the fixing system

Mainly you have 2 options for the fixing: 5. Select the fixing systemclips and screws. Keep an eye on it while you choose your decking because if clips keep it barefoot and don’t damage the decking, you want to be sure that also the screws fixing system will not affect badly the boards. If there is a loss of quality or performance using screws, maybe the product can be damaged very easily.

  1. Hire the best contractor

Install your deckingLeast but not last the installing process. Even if it’s easy, there are a lot of little things to care about (gaps, slope, predrill, drainage and so on) and that can prevent a good result. At this point you already spent a certain amount of money and you definitely don’t want to lose this investment. A little effort can guarantee you a very durable and long-lasting project for the next 20 years. A well fitted decking will increase the value of your property as well, especially if it is low-maintenance.

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